Zucchini ragout with bean curd

Zucchini ragout with bean curd As already mentioned, the child is sick and I am at home. Since you can not even leave the house and in the supermarket of trust food for a lustshoppen lust.

But in such situations, but often very simple but very delicious dishes.

Today I still had zucchini in the fridge and the bean stock is always well filled at the moment anyway.

Here's my vegan lunch creation (for a hungry parent):

1 can of beans of your choice (large whites, mixed, etc.), rinse under running water in the strainer and place in a small saucepan Cover with water and add salt , 1 pinch of oregano and 1 large chopped garlic clove . Simmer for 15 minutes on low heat.

2 courgettes into bite-sized pieces and sauté in a pan with olive oil . Season with 1-2 pinches of coarse sea salt , pepper , 1 tsp thyme and some chilli and gently stew for 10 minutes to let. Occasionally stir. 1 bulb gently peel so the layers are not scored and cut into 1 cm thick slices. Make sure that the slices do not fall apart and cook gently in both sides in a small pan in olive oil . If you want, add a few pine nuts to it.

Drain the beans and add 1 tsp of butter (if available, garlic butter is also delicious!) puree. Season with some salt and pepper .

Place the zucchini on a plate, place the beans on top and top with the onions/pine nuts. Garnish with a few cucumber and tomato cubes

Zucchini ragout with bean curd