The new one is here!

The new one is here! Trading since yesterday ... tomorrow it's MY. as musty as food & drink
Not as deliberately elitist as DER FEINSCHMECKER
Not as totally out of touch as Port Culinaire

I've been there since the second issue. I like the good view of things. It's not about unrestrained meat consumption (as the title might suggest) but about high-quality products from all sectors. Occasionally, a humorous story of men is interweaved that can be borne in the overall context (after all, it's a magazine for men with taste, huh). And yes, there are a lot of recipes without meat.
You can even download it for free on the homepage.

I'm especially looking forward to the photo spreads. It's not about "decorative" or "beautiful" but often about a very idiosyncratic display of food, which opens up new perspectives and worlds of experience.

The couch, the BEEF! and me ... SATURDAY, I'm coming!